Why a Great Bite Can Change Your Life

When we think of straightening our teeth, the most common outcome most people focus on is the obvious value of a gorgeous smile. Being able to confidently flash those pearly whites can boost our mood and self-image, and make us more attractive to others. But too often the focus is on aesthetics and not enough on the bite, and this is where some really important health impacts come into play. At Clover, we look at the entire picture of your teeth, jaw, and palate to understand what is needed from us so you can enjoy a healthy smile that you love.

Three Reasons To Treat Your Smile With Clover

1. Better Bite

Straight is great, but the bite is what really counts. We often see patients who have gone through a straightening process at some point in their lives only to end up with new problems – a bite that has shifted, wears unevenly, and that can lead to painful chewing, headaches, fatigue, and more. A misaligned bite can lead to some really painful consequences like uneven wear, sensitivity, teeth grinding, jaw clenching and pain throughout the neck, head, and shoulders.

As we straighten your teeth at Clover, we prioritize your bite. So you might come to us with an underbite, an overbite, or an uneven bite. Whatever the case may be, we’ll take a look and correct it.

2. Breathe EASY

Your bite can also dictate how well you can breathe. This is a little known fact but one that we must address for health. Left untended, a crooked bite and narrow palate can lead to significant airway issues.

This is one of the reasons why at Clover we are big believers in early prevention with children because it’s pretty easy to guide a kid’s mouth to make room for adult teeth and the space needed to breathe properly. But even if you’re an adult, we can absolutely help improve your breathing right along with your smile, especially if we collaborate closely with other healthcare specialists.

3. Sounder Sleep

If your bite is off, chances are you’re probably grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep. You might experience muscle fatigue or strain in your jaw and neck. And if you snore or have sleep apnea, your bite might have something to do with it.

As we straighten the smiles of our Clover clients, they often report that they are sleeping better and feeling more relief from some of these symptoms during the day.

When you come in for your Clover consultation, we’ll ask you about all these things and more to get an accurate picture of what your mouth needs. We care about your overall wellbeing and we’re here to answer every question you may have about how Clover’s Invisalign can help you feel your best and look terrific.



Laura asks

This is so informative! Does Clover provide cleaning service, too?

Ryan replies

Hi Laura,
for our patient we provide the complete care service, Clover +, which offers X-Rays, teeth cleanings, helpful consultations, and touch up.
Click here to learn more about Clover+

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