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As a teenager, the last thing you need is senior year portraits in braces. We’ve got you covered with Invisalign® x Clover clear aligners.

At Clover, we specialize in orthodontic treatment for teenagers. Approximately 90% of our teens opt for Invisalign while the other 10% prefer to go with traditional braces. With Invisalign® x Clover aligners, we’re able to make even complicated orthodontic care as painless, hygienic, and low profile as possible. Regardless of which option you choose, we’ll make sure you leave with a perfect smile and a healthy bite to last you a lifetime!

Common Issues We Can Treat:

— Simple to complex orthodontic
treatment needs
— Airway issues
— Overbite / Underbite
— Uneven bite
— Crowded teeth
— Impacted teeth
— Aesthetic concerns


With Clover’s expert care and supervision, absolutely. We can effectively and efficiently treat every case type we can treat with braces using Invisalign®. Read more here.

There are pros and cons to each treatment option. We find that most patients today prefer clear aligners for two main reasons: optimal esthetics and maximal comfort. That said, some teens still love the fashion statement made by clear or metal braces. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered – we’re experts in all areas of orthodontic care!

It’s simple, clean, equally effective, more aesthetic, and no more expensive than traditional braces.

We’ve treated thousands of cases and can assure you that, with proper coaching, almost anyone can become a pro when it comes to Invisalign® wear. We also help ensure compliance with special progress indicators to guide parents and teens in reaching optimal wear time.

On average, orthodontic treatment for teenagers costs between $4485 and $6485, depending upon the length and complexity of treatment. We are in-network with all PPO plans, we accept all FSA and HSA plans, and we offer in-house, interest free financing on all of our treatment options. And at Clover, there is no cost difference between Invisalign and braces — you get to choose the one that will fit best with your lifestyle without worrying about a cost difference!

We sure do! We’re experts in all areas of orthodontic care.

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