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For too many years, the thought of straightening teeth in adulthood was a no-go. Uncomfortable, expensive, and time-consuming, the idea of wearing metal brackets made a prohibitive professional impression. Thankfully the innovation of aligners has made teeth straightening a very real option for adults who care about saving time and gaining flexibility in how and when they are treated. With Invisalign® x Clover, we can achieve optimal results with our expert orthodontic care.

Common Issues We Can Treat:

— Simple to complex orthodontic
treatment needs
— Underbite / Overbite
— Uneven bite
— Crowded teeth
— Impacted teeth
— Teeth grinding
— Aesthetic concerns


With Clover’s expert care and supervision, absolutely. We custom program every movement into your Invisalign trays. For adults with periodontal issues, we will often slow movements by 20-30% to ensure the teeth and gums remain stable throughout treatment. Read more here.

After your initial consultation, Dr. McComb and his team will create a customized 3D simulation of all the movements needed to get you from where you are now to your ideal smile. You’ll switch into a new tray each week, which will add gradual pressure and progressively move your teeth into their final position.

Many people have orthodontic coverage as part of their dental insurance. If your insurance covers metal braces, it also covers Invisalign®. Our team will gladly check insurance benefits and submit claims to make the process as streamlined as possible for you.

While there is a lot of variability across cases and types, the average case takes about 12 months. Some simple cases are finished in 4-6 months, while more complex cases can take up to 18-24 months. After your initial consultation, we’ll be able to provide you with an exact timeline for your case.

Your teeth will start moving with the first tray. Within a few months, you’ll start to see major changes in your smile.

Any time teeth are moved, gentle pressure is being applied that can cause mild soreness. This usually lasts only about a week into your treatment and then subsides. Unlike with metal braces, there is no discomfort related to sharp or poking wires!

You will typically see your orthodontist every 12 weeks throughout the straightening process, but after just one visit to our beautiful studio, you’ll wish you had to come more often. For those patients needing even more convenience and fewer visits, we offer virtual check-ins with our team of experts to avoid the LA traffic craze.

The price for Invisalign varies widely depending on the complexity of your case. On average, cases cost between $3485 and $6485. We are in-network with all PPO insurance plans, accept all FSAs/HSAs, and offer interest free in-house financing to ensure your treatment is affordable. Most patients pay around $168/month for treatment!

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