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After SmileDirect Club

On December 8, 2023, the telehealth company SmileDirect Club announced it had shut down global operations. This decision may leave some patients feeling deserted midway through a lengthy treatment process. If you or someone you know is experiencing this transition, we wish to provide some clarity on what your next step could be. 

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Switching to a New Provider

Orthodontic treatment should always be a positive experience with shared trust between you and your treating doctor. If you find yourself stuck in a telehealth dentistry program, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a licensed orthodontist that can properly finish your case. At Clover Orthodontic Studio, our consultations are always complimentary, a process which includes an in-depth evaluation, clearly defined treatment goals, and a presentation of flexible payment plans.

During your initial consultation, your new provider will establish how they can go about completing your orthodontic treatment. The most common aligner company used by orthodontists is Invisalign, founded in 1997, which has become the gold standard for clear aligner treatment. Some offices may also prefer using traditional metal braces, or a different brand of clear aligners.

How Do I Transfer to Clover?

There are two ways to begin the transfer process: In person and virtually. If you prefer coming into our office, please set aside about an hour for us to take full photos, a digital scan, and one panoramic X-ray. Following this, you will meet with our doctor and treatment coordinator in person, and develop a treatment plan that works best for your case. If you would like a remote consultation, you are always welcome to send photos, as well as any other records you may have, to our main email account: With these records, we can diagnose virtually and send over a comprehensive treatment plan.

The Invisalign Difference

While seeking a new provider for your SmileDirect Club aligner treatment, you may consider switching to Invisalign. If you find yourself unsure where to find a doctor that uses Invisalign, we recommend utilizing the search feature located on the official Invisalign website. You can also call an orthodontist in your area to see if they’re familiar with using Invisalign aligners.

There are some big differences between at-home and in-office aligner treatment, the biggest of which will be in the use of attachments. These are tooth-colored bumps that are bonded directly to the teeth and aid in performing movements. These attachments allow doctors complete control over your treatment, and ensure Invisalign will be just as effective as traditional metal braces. With Invisalign, we also have the ability to utilize rubber-bands with clear aligners on an as-needed basis to ensure your bite is corrected while we are straightening your teeth.

Throughout Invisalign treatment, you will switch into a new clear aligner every week. This is how Invisalign moves your teeth over time as each individual tray has small movements programmed in. Each orthodontic office may program your movements slightly differently. Our office in particular has found weekly switch outs to be the most effective as it keeps your movements comfortable and allows for a fresh tray every seven days.

After transferring your care to an orthodontist, you should be provided with regularly scheduled office visits that allow you to collaborate with your doctor directly. If you have any questions or concerns during any point of your treatment, we would encourage you to contact your treating provider to set up an appointment.

Affordable Care

We know that orthodontic treatments can seem expensive, especially when compared to at-home aligner companies like SmileDirect Club. These direct-to-consumer products are able to seem affordable by cutting out doctor interaction, but clear aligner therapy is exactly like braces therapy. Our doctors are moving teeth, and it’s imperative that it’s done correctly. 

At Clover, we want to ensure you are able to get the treatment and care you deserve at a price that works for you. We take our time developing a personalized payment plan that fits within your budget. Rest assured that our payment plans are all-inclusive, extremely flexible, and always interest-free. 

We know switching to a new provider can be expensive, especially if you’ve already paid for at-home aligners. With this in mind, our office established a special cost promotion for anyone interested in transferring their orthodontic care. If you or someone you know is feeling stuck in a telehealth aligner plan, now may be the best time to switch providers. Please contact our office anytime to set up your complimentary consultation and learn more about in-office treatment.

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